The Concerned Citizens Committee (CCC) of Mount Olive has over the past five years engaged with the Town of Mount Olive concerning the Disparity that exist on the south side of Mount Olive.  We have addressed Landlords violating ordinances concerning housing, by overcrowding houses, renting unimproved housing as well as allowing rented housing to be overcome with trash and weeds.  We have additionally identified   several rundown, uninhabitable houses existing throughout the south side of town.  Addressing these issues and executing efforts to have them demolished seems to be slow at best.

Our streets are in terrible condition disrepair and sidewalks are nearly nonexistent.

There is a continual flood issue on the south side that is yet to be resolved.  We have sent letters to the Town Manager as well as the previous Mayor and his board of commissioners.  We continually get flooded  on the south end of town every time we get heavy rain.  Again the resolution seems to be a slow drawn out process.

We originally presented the flooding issue to the Mayor in a letter dated 27 Aug 2015 and we are completely dissatisfied with the plan of approach.  We have suggested a disparity in completing the infrastructure on the north and south side of town in the past.  This is another example of that concern.

By avoiding the correction of the flooding issue in this portion of the city, the Town of Mount of Olive is imposing a real threat of mildew and mold to the foundation of the homes in this area.  These open ditches pose a real threat to the atmosphere, town beautification, and vehicle accidents, posing a danger to our citizens and especially our children.  Additionally it devalues our property and deter developers from investing in our part of town.  We understand some of these ditches need to remain open, but those ditches in our yards and in close proximity to our houses need to be closed.  Additionally, flooding problems devalue our property and deter developers from investing in this part of town.

An engineering survey has finally been completed now we are waiting for the town to execute that survey.  We are desperately hoping the new administration see the need for action and correct the problem.  The over reaching question seems to be why this survey wasn't done currently with the efforts to resolve flooding problems on the north end of town some ten years earlier.

For more visibility on our efforts please visit our web site at: POC 

President:  Robert King

VP:  Hobert Yates (919) 988-4252

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