AGENDA – 19 Nov 2020   

  1. Call to order and welcome


  1. Invocation


  1. Preview of what we are about

    1. Visit us at

    2. Copy of our mission and objectives


  1. Update on list of issues presented to Commissioners in March (issues we have been working for some time)

    1. Sidewalk construction along Church Street Between Franklin and Hillsborough (Town Manager)

    2. Other issues have been captured on a spreadsheet with a plan for completion

      1. Public works committee working on resources to complete unfunded requirements

      2. Pursuing avenues for resources to support proposed changes/upgrades

        1. Contacting William Perry

        2. Contacting Anthony Williams


  1. We will continue neighborhood cleanups in Spring 2021


  1. Update from Town Inspector

    1. abandoned cars

    2. overgrown property

    3. Property demolition  


  1. Opportunity for visitors to address Committee


  1. Next Meeting 


  1. Open Forum suggestions

    1. Has to be a violated ordinance

    2. New issues raised will be tabled until next meeting


  1. Closed meeting