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The Concerned Citizens Committee (CCC) of Mount Olive has over the past five years engaged with the Town of Mount Olive concerning the Disparity that exist on the south side of Mount Olive.  We have addressed Landlords violating ordinances concerning housing, by overcrowding houses, renting unimproved housing as well as allowing rented housing to be overcome with trash and weeds.  We have additionally identified   several rundown, uninhabitable houses existing throughout the south side of town.  Addressing these issues and executing efforts to have them demolished seems to be slow at best.

Our streets are in terrible condition disrepair and sidewalks are nearly nonexistent.

There is a continual flood issue on the south side that is yet to be resolved.  We have sent letters to the Town Manager as well as the previous Mayor and his board of commissioners.  We continually get flooded  on the south end of town every time we get heavy rain.  Again the resolution seems to be a slow drawn out process.

We originally presented the flooding issue to the Mayor in a letter dated 27 Aug 2015 and we are completely dissatisfied with the plan of approach.  We have suggested a disparity in completing the infrastructure on the north and south side of town in the past.  This is another example of that concern.

By avoiding the correction of the flooding issue in this portion of the city, the Town of Mount of Olive is imposing a real threat of mildew and mold to the foundation of the homes in this area.  These open ditches pose a real threat to the atmosphere, town beautification, and vehicle accidents, posing a danger to our citizens and especially our children.  Additionally it devalues our property and deter developers from investing in our part of town.  We understand some of these ditches need to remain open, but those ditches in our yards and in close proximity to our houses need to be closed.  Additionally, flooding problems devalue our property and deter developers from investing in this part of town.

An engineering survey has finally been completed now we are waiting for the town to execute that survey.  We are desperately hoping the new administration see the need for action and correct the problem.  The over reaching question seems to be why this survey wasn't done currently with the efforts to resolve flooding problems on the north end of town some ten years earlier.

For more visibility on our efforts please visit our web site at: POC 

President:  Robert King

VP:  Hobert Yates (919) 988-4252


 March 22,2018

Attendance:  R. King, H. Yates, D. Yates, M. Taylor, Wiggins and wife, E. Mills, D. Mills, H. Carmichael, D.  Carmichael, J. Newkirk

The meeting was opened with invocation by H.  Yates.  Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved with any necessary corrections.

The first order of business was a discussion of the towns efforts to alleviate some of the drainage problems.  The town has identified a blockage under the railroad tracks.  They are replacing piping between  Pollock and Kornegay  Street and pumping out debris in another area along Center Street.  They started work, but stopped due to weather conditions.  They should resume next week.  We need to check to make sure the work continues.

There was some discussion of drainage concerns omitted from Wiggins report.  We want the town to put unfunded in records if funding is not available for projects discussed in their planning.

We have been asked and will help the Men Of Faith with their end of school and back projects.  Eunice, Doris and Richard will attend their April 12th meeting to get more information.

For new ideas, Doris had a suggestion for how to get youth involved.  Her idea was to pay them for their help.  Mary Taylor suggested that we invite the police Chief or a representative to attend one of our meetings.

New issues will be tabled until the next meeting.  James Newkirk paid $40 in membership dues.  The meeting was closed with prayer by H.  Carmichael.

April 19, 2018

Attendance:  R.  King, H.  Yates, R.  Robinson, M.  Taylor, D.  Yates, E.  Moore

The meeting was opened with prayer by Yates and the minutes from the last meeting were read.

The first order of business was an update on work dealing with replacing drainage pipes.  Yates has talked with Jamie Royal.  Some pipes have been picked up.  However, collector boxes needed for the piping had to be special ordered.  Then there was another delay because town workers have to work with the Pickle Festival activities.  If there was no progress by the end of May, we will take the issue before the board meeting in June.

Doris Yates suggested we purchase t-shirts for the group.  Rand King will check with someone he knows who deals with t-shirts and report on prices, styles and availability at the next meeting.

Our next issue to present to the commissioners will deal with rundown houses.  Members will ride through the southern part of town to get location and descriptions of houses in this category.  Hobert, Rand and Richard will checkout Pollock through Hillsboro; and Doris, Mary and Edna will ride through Hillsboro to County Road.

The Men Of Faith will sponsor  an end of school celebration.  They have asked for our group's support.  They have a meeting scheduled for May 10th at 6:pm.  Anyone who is free at that time is asked to attend.

We need new signs for the group.  We have agreed to purchase five new signs and one banner.

Our next meetings are scheduled for May 24th and June 14th.  We will ask Vickie Darden to attend and find out what she is doing to help our district.  The meeting was adjourned and ended with prayer by Yates.

 June 14,2018

 After the meeting was opened with prayer, introductions were made.  The meeting had a large attendance and centered around flooding problems.  Others in the area with flooding problems voiced their concerns and even had pictures showing the damage.  We all realized it is in our best interest to work together as a group to resolve the issue.  Several commissioners were in attendance.  Wiggins indicated that that is permissible as long as the meeting has been publicly announced and it is an open door meeting.

 Wiggins has been dealing with and researching the drainage problem.  It involves clearing canals and ditches.  The problem is not limited to Mount Olive.  A solution to the problem involve both Wayne and Duplin counties, the state and eventually the federal government.  Kornegay has actually contacted people to discover which areas belong to the town and state.   DOT will check the titles that run in the area of 117 and Old Smith Chapel Road.  Some ditches will be cleared.  It will probably be August.  Perhaps FEMA can be involved in clearing the Thunder Swamp area.  Someone said money is needed to resolve the problem and could be raised through bonds.

 The group decided to meet on July 12th at 6:00 at the train depot.  The purpose of the meeting will be to (1) identify the problem areas, (2) identify who is responsible for correcting the problems in that area, (3) identify where we need to go to get the problem resolved.  After this initial meeting , we will meet again invite those in other locations who share the same problems or those in a position to help such as a county commissioner and a Duplin County commissioner.

  Wiggins said the commissioners will continue to pressure the town to get things done that have been identified from past studies.  Carmichael and Darden have been asked to find out the status of promised sidewalks in the southern part of town.

 The Concerned Citizens will participate in the FIC End Of School Celebration.  We will pass out fliers and cleanup information.  At the next board meting, Yates will ask for a  calendar date for the start of the drainage work between Center and Breazeal.

 We have two new members------Linda Oliver and Granger Martin.  Martin said he plans to be very active in the community and plans to encourage business development in the  southern part of town.

 Money Collected for Dues:  Linda Oliver $5, James Newkirk $20, Edna Moore $20, and Gloria Royal $60.

 September 28, 2018

 Attendance:  R.  King, M. Taylor,  R.  Robinson,  D. Yates,  E.  Oates, E.  Mills, D. Mills

 The meeting was opened with prayer by D. Yates.  The meeting was conducted by R. King.  He expressed his appreciation for continued presence at both group and town meetings.  He pointed out that even though there have been improvements due to our efforts that more needs to be done.

 The meeting was relatively short and consisted mainly of a summary of H. Yates and M.  Taylor's meeting with town officials Scott, Brown and Lambert.  The following points were made during that meeting:

    1.  The town is working on run down houses.  The town is limited in the number it can demolish because of lack of money.

      2.  Lambert is constantly tagging abandoned cars.  She had tagged more than we had in our records.

       3.  Scott rides around town with is wife on a golf cart on most Sundays to interact with people in the community.  

        4.  The college is sponsoring a cleanup on the same day as we had planned.  About two hundred track and field students are scheduled to participate.  We will cancel what we had planned  and those of us  who want to participate are free to do so. Our next cleanup will be in March.

          5.  Scott gave reasons for the delay in installing the pipes purchased to help with the drainage problem.  The workforce was needed to help with the storm cleanup.  Then there have been numerous problems such as broken or cut water lines.

 Checks have been ordered for the group with the group's name on them.

  November 8, 2018

 Attendance:  R.  King,  H. Yates, D. Yates, E. Mills, H. Carmichael, S. Raine, E. Moore,  R. Robinson

 The meeting was opened with prayer by Yates.  Minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved with any necessary changes.

 The first order of business concerned planes for a protest.  Yates had and received the form and other information needed to stage a picket in the town hall area.  The media would be alerted and the picket would be in protest to the slowness of the town to meet certain request from the group---especially piping along Center Street since all materials for that project have been purchased and received by the town.  Before all plans  for the picket could be finalized, the town started digging to put pipes in from Maple to Chestnut.

  Carmichael said that the group should stay the course.  Things are being done.  Some things will take time to accomplish.

 R.  King wants to set up a meeting with several members of our group, town manager Brown, and commissioners from our areas to discuss promises that have not been kept.  We should ask for a list of plans for our district and a timeline for those plans.

 The next meeting will be January 25thth.  H. Yates purchased a cleanup banner which cost $178.70.  He was told he would receive  a reimbursement from the treasure within the next few days.  R.  King paid dues of $60. The meeting was closed with prayer by Carmichael.  D. Yates invited  us to stay for a delicious spread of refreshments.


30 Jan 2016

To: Town of Mount Olive Commissioners

Subject:  Town Board Issues:

CC:     Town Manager

            Mayor Scott  


Dear Commissioners:

Some three years ago we addressed the issue of landlords using single residence homes as rooming houses and lack of maintenance of those units.  These single dwelling units are not equipped to qualify as a boarding house.  Single units are to be occupied by related family members, wherein boarding houses can be occupied by all related or unrelated.

Using single dwelling houses as rooming houses are in violation of the following Ordinances:

Division 4        Section 179a

                         Section 179b

 Section 53-205

                        Section 53-206

                         Section 53-207

                         Section 53-208

                         Section 53-209


Houses of particular interest for violation are at the following locations:


209A S. Church Street

918 S. Church Street

119 Franklin Street

1011 S. Center Street

219 E. Maple Street


Request Town Code enforcement officer investigate and resolve these town Ordinance violations:  Petition attached




President: Robert R. King

(919) 920-4853        



Vice President: Hobert Yates

(919) 988-4254


                                                                                CCC MOUNT OLIVE meeting

AGENDA – 19 Nov 2020   

  1. Call to order and welcome


  1. Invocation


  1. Preview of what we are about

    1. Visit us at

    2. Copy of our mission and objectives


  1. Update on list of issues presented to Commissioners in March (issues we have been working for some time)

    1. Sidewalk construction along Church Street Between Franklin and Hillsborough (Town Manager)

    2. Other issues have been captured on a spreadsheet with a plan for completion

      1. Public works committee working on resources to complete unfunded requirements

      2. Pursuing avenues for resources to support proposed changes/upgrades

        1. Contacting William Perry

        2. Contacting Anthony Williams


  1. We will continue neighborhood cleanups in Spring 2021


  1. Update from Town Inspector

    1. abandoned cars

    2. overgrown property

    3. Property demolition  


  1. Opportunity for visitors to address Committee


  1. Next Meeting 


  1. Open Forum suggestions

    1. Has to be a violated ordinance

    2. New issues raised will be tabled until next meeting


  1. Closed meeting



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