Who we are

The Concerned Citizens of Mount Olive was formed in 2015, in order to promote awareness of critical infrastructure improvement needs and inspire community service based action among citizens of Mount Olive, NC.  We play  an active role in findings ways to increase property values and the standard of living for the citizens of Mount Olive. 


Through events that promote clean and safe community streets, and issue advocacy directed at prioritizing where our tax dollars, we strive for every citizen to live in a  quintessential neighborhood where every property is sought by new residents eager to raise a family, live, or work in our community.

Mission Statement
To work in harmony with the Town of Mount Olive Management Staff to ensure compliance with City Ordinances, to ensure cleanliness and beautification throughout the communities, and provide a healthy lifestyle for our communities
To form a community committee and alliance with the Town of Mount Olive to clean up and beautify the Southeastern and Southwestern communities and thereby maintain cleanliness throughout the Town of Mount Olive year round.